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Injuries on the slopes have doubled

Injuries on Victoria''s slopes almost doubled this year with the long list of havoc including snowboarders running into each other, skiers crashing into trees and a happy snapper taken out by a tobogganist.

Between June 1 and July 20, "Anadrol 50" Hotham''s Bivirkninger ski patrol evacuated 157 people to its medical centre compared to 89 last year, while the ski patrol at Mount Buller took 215 to its centre, a jump from 123 in 2013.

Ambulance Victoria statistics also revealed a rise of about 13 per cent, with paramedics treating and transporting 329 people from Mount Buller, Hotham, Buffalo and Falls Creek between June 1 and July 31, up from 290 last year.

Twelve people had to be flown from the mountain to hospital, while 317 were driven in ambulances down the mountain for further treatment.

Cases included a young girl who suffered facial injuries when another toboggan crashed into her, a skier who fractured his leg after doing a "helicopter jump", a drunk who fell over and broke his leg and a man who was hit by a toboggan when he was taking photos at the bottom of a run.

"With the increase in numbers and increase in snow we''ve had some great days we''ve seen the usual increase in fractures and dislocations," Buller based paramedic Brett Cooper said.

Buller ski patrol assistant manager Ed Mahon said resorts have experienced the most snow in five years.

"There''s simply more people and we''ve got Anadrol 300 more terrain open," Mr Mahon said.

Hotham ski patrol''s Trevor Chick was juggling responses Dianabol Oral Steroid Side Effects to two broken wrists and a broken collar bone when he spoke to Fairfax Media last week.

"It seems we''ve had an extraordinary number of upper body injuries, particularly from snowboarders, like shoulder dislocation and fractured clavicles [collarbones]," Mr Chick said.

He said teenagers in school groups and snowboarders in their 20s had more of a tendency to injure themselves.

"They''re probably pushing it a little bit, they get fairly confident, fairly quickly. In one or two days they can get fairly proficient 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron and get onto more difficult runs," he said.

"The school groups, they''re kids and they tend to show off a bit to the opposite sex."

Most fractured snow bunnies will mend without a scar, but for some, a snow trip could end with injuries that affect them for life.

Such was the case with Hawthorn schoolgirl Sarita Barnett, 16, who has an acquired 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron brain injury after she hit her head on a jump snowboarding at Hotham last year.

"It just happened to be the first run of the day of course it''s always the first run of the day," Sarita said.

Though she was wearing a helmet, the knock to the head has cut her concentration levels and Comprar Levitra attention span. For weeks afterwards, she couldn''t stand the sight of a television or computer screen so she made paper cranes to entertain and retrain her brain.

Sarita got back on the board this snow season.

"There''s something about being in the outdoors I really enjoy. You feel like you''re on top of the world when you''re up there, which is awesome," she said.

"I''ve definitely learnt how lucky I was that I didn''t have any bleeding to the brain. Things might have been a bit more difficult if I had of hit my head in a different way, or slightly harder, or if I didn''t have a helmet on."

Three people lost their lives on the snowfields this year. Seven year old Haadi Akhtar died after snow fell from a chalet roof and buried him at Mount Buller in June, while snowboarders Daniel Kerr and Martin Buckland were Dianabol Images killed in an avalanche at Mount Bogong in July.

With six weeks left of the ski season, Mr Mahon and Mr Chick asked beginners and those returning after a break from the slopes to get lessons while paramedics stressed the need for ambulance cover.