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How to manage working evenings

Here is my dilema. I am a 1st time mom expecting twins in Jan 2010. I work evenings (3:30 11:30pm) and most weekends. DH works retain/wholesale, so his hours are diff each day and he works weekends. We are older parents (mid 30''s), so we are established in our jobs. We know family will help us out in the evenings, but it''s gonna be so hard. I may be able to go to day shift, but that means a 10% pay cut and I would have to work graveyard shift (11:30pm to 7:30 am) 3 months each year. No way I can afford to not have a job. Especially since we had to get a different vehicle for dh when we found out it was twins. He had a single cab truck. So we just added another payment to the regular pile of bills. Everyone just says "Oh, it''ll work out". That drives me nuts! Dh doesn''t have an opinion. He''s one of the ones saying it''ll work out. Yet, he''s not the one who''s gonna be figuring it out. Sorry for the vent, I''m just really worried.

I work a swing and have a 6yr old and a 4mo old "Hgh Jintropin Avis" and I really just juggle the kids from the sitter (I have had the same one for 6 yrs.) to families houses I work graveyard Fri and Sat (he he I am at work now) and 2 shift (3p 11p) Sun,Mon,Tues. Last year during school before LO came along my son stayed at the sitters Sun,Mon (BF is off Anavar Pill Color Tues. so he picked him up) and picked him up forschool "Oxandrolone Powder India" in the mornings and had breakfast together but this year I am not sure probably the same thing only I will have to leave LO too because he wont understand why I pick up his sister and not him People never understand the juggling I have t do and wonder why I grocery shop at midnight?? I am looking for a opening in day shift or even all graveyards so at least I can see my kids more than 4 Deca Durabolin For Sale Canada times a week. Good Luck hope all works out for u.

At the time, when I had my son, I worked M F 9 5 or 8 4 but it was always later and I would not get home until 630 or 7pm. It got to be too much time away. I was miserable. I went back to the floor I used to work on but on Midnights. I work 3 days a week 7p 730 am. It is still full time and full benefits, etc. My husband works afternoons mostly or some days/aft. This week I work Tues and Wed. husband is working early at 4 am and will be home before I go to work. He is off on Wednesday. I work Saturday and my son usually spends the night at my mom''s and my husb and goes in at 4 am and picks my son up at 12 or 1 pm on Sunday. I come home Sunday and sleep and then when I wake up for work my son and husband are home. We can spend some time together and then I am Australia Kamagra Manufacturers off to work. On Monday the following week my husband will work at 1 pm. I will get home Monday in the morning, sleep and my son goes down for a nap at 12 pm everyday. husband goes to work and me and my son sleep. My son usually wakes me up at 230 or 3pm. It is rough sometimes but one of us is always with our son and we do not need a sitter as often. I am happier with my job as well and I actually like working nights. I don''t miss out on as much. I know it is stressful now but I swear you will find what works for you and your family.

I work in a computer data center. Kamagra 100 24/7, holidays, etc. Our families can help, but my mother works in a hospital so sometimes she''s working 12 hrs, sometimes 8. And every other weekend. My MIL is older, 65, and is retireing, but she has my phys/mentally handicapped SIL to care for. I asked dh how she would manage two baby twin boys as well as his sis when his sis stresses her out? We also have commutes and work on completely opposite ends of town. We both work approx 20 miles away. I''m east and he''s south of home. Both our folks live closer to my job, so it would be more convenient for me to drop them off on my way. Hiring in home care would be toooo expensive.

We pay for child care then Dh picks up, UNLESS he is "Oxandrolone Powder India" traveling or working OT (Often) then we scramble. My mom used to work near us and until 4, but got a job closer to her home until 7 pm(1 hr from me) so we have no back up.

I stress about it a lot, because really DH job is unpredictable, so there are times(today) we were unsure until last minute if/when he would be home. Today was one worry day I had to get a back up for tomorrow (dc is closed this week) then worry if I had to leave work early to get kids tomorrow after taking off today. But I dont want to change work schedule until I know Dh told me at 3:30 today he would be here with kids tomorrow. He got home at 8 pm. Then I had to cancel back up babysitter and breath a sigh of relief. So in some ways, yes it does work out, Because I make it work out when I Buy Anadrol Cheap have to. I feel for you, I hope you get something simple figured out.